Public Safety


Frank Ferry believes strongly that LAPD needs an ardent advocate for them on the City Council.  In his career, Frank has always done what is best for the community.  He’s worked hard to listen to law enforcement, supported measures to fund additional police officers and backed all requests for additional public safety resources.  We cannot allow critics to push policies that put officers at risk and add additional barriers to their dedicated work.  Unfortunately, there are candidates in 12th district that are far too political or lack the empathy to understand the serious issues affecting law enforcement. 




Experts in the medical community are now predicting Los Angeles will experience Typhus as the result of increased homeless and the piling of their trash on the street and in our neighborhoods.  This puts our  communities, children and families at risk.  Our law enforcement has their hands tied because the 9th Circuit Court has ruled that the homeless and their belongings cannot be touched if camped out on the sidewalk in front of your home or business.  The Courts have gone too far!  We must support our police officers and give them the ability to enforce laws intended to protect our community.  We did not move to the North Valley and buy homes to have trash and filth piled high on our streets.  


We must be humane and do what we can to build institutions for those with mental illness.  We must provide shelters, food, clothing and retraining for jobs.  However, we must stop the aggressive panhandling at every corner.  We must do all we can to protect our families from disease and crime associated with the rampant homeless that has gone far too long. 

Los Angeles City Hall


The FBI raids City Hall to secure documents from a Council Member who sends developers to his wife for pay-to-play donations. At the same time, the Ethics Commission tables a regulation to restrict developer contributions because the president of the Ethics Commission argues there is no proof developer contributions influence a candidate’s decision.  Months later the very same Ethics Commission president resigns to run for City Council.  Frank Ferry believes we need new leadership at City Hall.  He has no ties to City Hall and will bring a new bold, fresh perspective.  The cycle of chiefs of staff taking over for the electeds when they retire must end.  This failed system brings no new ideas and no creative solutions.  In addition, they treat the honor of public service as just a job.  



Aliso Canyon Gas Leak


The health and safety of our families must never be secondary to corporate profits.  It’s the responsibility of our government to guarantee regulations are in place that are transparent, provide neutral testing and the highest accountability.  If health standards are not met, the site must be shut down until safe standards are met.


Frank Ferry is the only candidate with proven environmental experience and a record of successful results.


Frank Ferry worked to prevent the world’s largest dump at Elsmere Canyon just north of Sylmar.  As a City Councilman in Santa Clarita, Frank Ferry worked with the State of California to clean up the perchlorates and unexploded ordinances at the Whittaker Bermite site.  Frank Ferry also partnered with Congressman McKeon and Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein to stop the Cemex Mines that would have devastated the community’s quality of life.


Senior Citizens


Our parents and grandparents raised their families in Granada Hills, Porter Ranch and Northridge. They built our little league and soccer fields in Chatsworth and West Hills.  Each dreamt that after their career they could enjoy their pension and retirement. However, too often, escalating home prices and Proposition 13 property taxes keep our most beloved locked to their homes.  We must secure and protect a growing senior population from isolation in their neighborhoods.


Frank Ferry believes a community is judged by how they treat their youth and senior citizens.  Everyone must take responsibility to know the senior citizens on their street to ensure they are fed, their trash is getting out, their front yards are tidy and we provide them with a ride to the doctor or grocery store when necessary.  We need to take ownership and responsibility for our neighbors.  It’s time to make every street and every neighborhood our very own small town.




Parents work hard and sacrifice everything for their children.  Mothers and fathers afford their sons and daughters every opportunity from private schools, to club athletics, music lessons and family vacations.  Unfortunately, parents cannot shield their teenagers from bullying, social awkwardness, drugs and alcohol.  The best of kids on the varsity soccer teams, AP English classes or student government classes are equally prone to the perils of being a teenager.  Frank Ferry has a proven record of thirty years as an educator and sixteen years as a City Council Member developing programs to strengthen the confidence of teenagers and boosting their potential in life.  Frank believes that every teen needs positive adult mentorship to bolster the principles taught at home.  


Quality of Life (Trash, Graffiti and Potholes)


Politicians treat their office as a status symbol or something they deserve.  They forget they represent all citizens not just their donors.  For many of them, it simply becomes a nuisance to hear complaints from the community about city services and issues affecting our neighborhoods.  Too often these complaints, phone calls and emails go unanswered.


Frank Ferry, a lifelong educator and a former Santa Clarita City Council Member, understands what it means to be a public servant.  He is dedicated to serving others and protecting our neighborhoods, friends, families, senior citizens and youth.  Frank Ferry will set the highest standards for himself and the staff.  He will not wait for the phone to ring but rather hold himself accountable to seek out solutions to the problems in our communities such as graffiti, pot holes, uneven streets, and trash build up.  He believes in the highest standard of accountability for the highest standard of public service for you.

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